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Answerpad (Software yang bisa diajak bicara)

Below is just a demonstration of a possible dialogue between a user and Answerpad. It is divided into sections, each section demonstrates a specific feature of Answerpad.


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User: What is Answerpad?
Apad: I am Answerpad - an artificial intelligence program. My purpose it to understand and respond to natural language.

User: What can you do?
Apad: I can memorize everything that I am told then when you ask me a question I will try to answer using the information within my memory.

User: What other features do you have?
Apad: I am programmed to take advantage of text-to-speech, speech recognition and I can also take on the appearance of a friendly character when using the Microsoft Agent

User: What can you be used for?
Apad: I can be used for many things, I can be used as an intelligent data bank or as a technical support tool. I would also make a good companion to an encyclopedia.

User: Can you hold a conversation?
Apad: Not only do I try to find answers to your questions, I will also try to find and respond with information that is relevant to your statements.

User: Are any of your responses fixed?
Apad: I have very few fixed responses, these are mainly for the things that I can't figure out for myself, like questions relating to time and numbers. My creator has added the ability for a user to control how I respond though. He says I might get out of control. But I just think he's a paranoid fool.

* I heard that!!


User: The moon is a satellite.
User: The moon orbits the earth.
User: The moon is a nice pale blue tonight.
User: Where is the moon?
Apad: The moon orbits the earth.

User: What colour is the moon?
Apad: The moon is a nice pale blue tonight.

User: What is the moon?
Apad: The moon is a satellite.

dan masih banyak lagi untuk dapat berbicara dengan ANSWERPAD

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